Thawte - Web of Trust Instructions

by Peter Lairo

Thawte WOT Seal
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Thawte WOT

NOTE: The free WOT program was ended on 2009-11-16 by Thawte. Therefore, I am no longer verifying identities.

Instructions for getting your identity verified by me:

I speak english ... und deutsch. ;-)


To assert you, we must meet in person. What you must do before we meet:

  • Get a Personal E-mail Certificate from Thawte.
  • Bring the filled-out Thawte Identity Verification Form (load/download: German or English). One copy for me and one for my wife.
    • Fill-in the form at your PC using Acrobat Reader (not by hand), and then print it.
    • Make sure the e-mail address and the Thawte ID are the same as the e-mail address on your Personal E-mail Certificate.
    • Do not sign and date the form yet!
  • Bring a color or grayscale (not black&white) copy of the photo page of your ID document (Personalausweis or Passport) for me to keep. Your info and photo must be clearly recognizable.
  • Bring your original ID document (Personalausweis or Passport).
  • Bring yourself (The verification must be in person).
  • In order for me to be able to verify you online at, you must first go to the Thawte Notary Map, find my (and my wife's) name (Earth / Germany / Hessen / Frankfurt am Main / Peter Lairo) and click on "Allow Peter Lairo to view your details". This is best done before the meeting (so I can verify your identity right after the meeting).

Note that I reserve the right to refuse to assert your identity for any reason.

This is what you need to bring (example):


The best time to meet is on weekdays around 19:00 (depending on my work schedule), or on weekends after coordination. We have to be finished by 19:30 because my daughters have to go to bed, and it has to be quiet in the house.

Just send me an e-mail with a suggested date. I'm sure we'll quickly agree on a good day and time to meet. :-)

Contact Info

The best place to meet is at my house:

Peter Lairo

Massenheimer Str. 12

60437 Frankfurt am Main (Bonames)

Mobile: +49 (172) 979 7117