Lilia Lairo


Lilia's US Passport photo, taken 20.08.2005. Lilia's US Passport photo, taken 20.08.2005.


This web page is a kind of photo album of Lilia as she grows up. Right now it is mainly for family and friends who are interested in her development. Later I hope Lilia will find it useful once she is older and might be interested in photos of her own development.

I try to keep this page relatively current. Unfortunately, this is often not possible.

NOTE: The newest photos are at the top of this page. The filename contains the (sometimes estimated) date of the photo. Click on each photo to see a larger version.

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I had to take down all photos of my children and of Elisabeth. If you want to see my family photos, you can sign up for a Google+ account, then tell me your username, and I will manually give you access to my photos.

June/July 2006

To save time and to avoid fragmenting "the story", I've put all the photos of our USA vacation on Kassandra's web page.

January 2006
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August 2005

Lilia gets her US passport.

June 2005
May 2005
April 2005

Here are some photos we've taken in the weeks right after Lilia's birth.

31.03.2005 - Lilia is Born

Lilia was born on Thursday, 31.03.2005 in the evening at ???. She was ??? kg heavy, and ??? cm tall (not exactly a small baby).

The birth was comparatively short and easy (OK, a birth is never easy!). Peter and Kassandra were there the whole time too, being as supportive as possibe.

Lilia is (of course) a beautiful baby, and all of us (including Kassandra) enjoy cuddling her.