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This web page is a kind of photo album of Kassandra as she grows up. Right now it is mainly for family and friends who are interested in her development. Later I hope Kassandra will find it useful once she is older and might be interested in photos of her own development.

I try to keep this page relatively current. Unfortunately, this is often not possible.

NOTE: The newest photos are at the top of this page. The filename contains the (sometimes estimated) date of the photo. Click on each photo to see a larger version.

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I had to take down all photos of my children and of Elisabeth. If you want to see my family photos, you can sign up for a Google+ account, then tell me your username, and I will manually give you access to my photos.

June/July 2006

Our trip to the USA (16 June to 9 July) and the Lairo-Galli-Stefanini Family Reunion (1-2 july):

The flight:

One day at Jeanene's house in Washington DC:

Oglebay Resort in West Virginia:

Barbara Horrell's house in Vandergrift, PA (one photo with Barbara Pinto in Leechburg):

Family Reunion - The Canoe Ride, Dinner, and Hotel:
(more reunion photos are on my Reunion 2006 web page)

With Jeanene and Family in Washington DC:

And finaly, the flight home:

Home's pretty nice too:

January 2006

Kassandra's 4th birthday (22.01.2006):

December 2005

Winter Solstice 2005:

November 2005
October 2005
September 2005

The day after Kassandra's 3rd birthday party. Today the grandparents (Grandma, Grandpa, Papou and Yaya) celebrate with Kassandra.


Kassandra's 3rd birthday party. She invited her good friends Lukas, Amelie and Theo. As a bonus, Jeanene and Frederick were there too. Kassandra had a great time playing wildly with the other children.


I've stared making the thumbnail photos smaller, because there are still very many people who don't have a broadband connection to the internet. If I have the time, I might make the older larger thumbnails smaller too.


Kassandra visits Dad at work


Studio Photos: Here she is about 2 years and 2 months old.

July 2003

Vacation in Greece


Studio photos: Here Kassandra is about 1 year and 4 months old. I've had these for a while, but only now (September 2004) had the chance to put them up on the web page. Enjoy!


Yep, it's been a long time since I've updated here. Meanwhile, Kassandra has started to walk (actually: "toddle"). She does a lot of exploring around the house, loves to point at things and often offers things in her hand to others by stretching them out toward you. She still doesn't sleep through the night and needs contant (literally) attention. The other day, when leaving a friend's house, she actually reached out, grabbed and shook her "friend's" hand. Elisabeth couln't believe her eyes. We just bought her a small "turtle" sandbox and she just loves sitting and playing in it. Deniz (a 2 year old friend) was over and it was amazing to see how considerate they are of each other.

22.01.2003 - Kassandra's 1st Birthday

Posing with Fedon.

Added 13.10.2002

Photos from September 2002. Kassandra has started to stand up!

Added 01.10.2002
Kassandra sleeping peacefully on Elisabeth Kassandra & Bernie on swing Kassandra backed herself into a corner Kassandra doing her first pushups
Added 06.04.2002
poster sleeping on peter posing laughing with lisa jeanene & lisa gazing at peter boxing acne kassandra in her basket buggy ride 2 buggy ride 1 cartman 3 blue bed M&F K K

We are thrilled to announce the birth of our daughter

Kassandra Lairo

Kassandra's very first photo. Kassandra was born on Tuesday, 22.01.2002 early in the morning at 2:27. She was 3.85 kg heavy, and 55 cm tall (not exactly a small baby).

The birth was long (30+ hours labor!). Peter was there the whole time too, being as supportive as possibe. Both mother and baby were healthy (and relieved) immediately after the birth. All of us went to sleep at around 4:00 and slept through until noon the next day.

Kassandra is (of course) a beautiful baby, and both parents enjoy cuddling her or even just looking at her while she sleeps or makes funny faces. Kassandra doesn't cry much at all (yet), except when she gets hungry - what a relief. We're all still up most of the nights trying to figure out Kassandra's eating, sleeping and pooping rhythym (if there even is one yet) - we're already getting much better at understanding her signals.

There already seems to be some similarity between Kassandra and Peter (temples / cheekbones), but I'll let you be the judge.

K 2nd K 1st K kassandra 5 kassandra 3 Kassandra 2